I must say, I am definitely excited to be sleeping in and not having to go to class everyday, but I think I am most excited to be able to swim and cook (pasta and pastries of course!) whenever I want!

If you can't find me in the pool or around the kitchen, you will probably find me at this super cool writing camp! Not only is it right here in Atlanta, it is also at my new speech school, which I am pumped to begin in the fall! After that, I get to head up to Vermont to the Aloha Hive Camp where I get to do super cool water sports along with lots of singing and dancing during the performance arts portion! You can also catch me in NYC with my cool mom as we make a TV appearance with the equally cool Bonnie Ann Bruderer, on her show "Askbonbon"

​Words cannot describe how pumped I am to share my summer with you guys! Please send me a message and tell me all about what awesome things you have going on during your summer vacation!! I can't wait to here from everyone!

With Love,


Hey Guys, Leela here!

I am so excited to be sharing my awesome summer with you guys through my new blog!